PTA events are a great place to make friends, meet others in your class or grade, and make a difference in your school community! There are 2 kinds of events where PTA is involved

  • Sponsored

  • Organized

Events sponsored by PTA

  • Classroom supplies: PTA sponsors all the supplies teachers and staff need throughout the year

  • Mattos Enrichment program STEM and ART: We've allocated funds that can be spent specifically on STEM and ART supplies, so that teachers can incorporate these into their curriculum

  • 2020-21: Around the world program for kids

  • Mattos Masks

  • Yearbooks and Special Events T-Shirts

  • Phoenix bazar: Fun way for students to spend points they earn at school and bring home some well earned goodies.

Events organized and sponsored by PTA

These are events which are planned, collaborated and executed by PTA members and our dedicated volunteers. The goal is to organize multiple such events through out the year and bring together our students and families.