PTA events are a great place to make friends, meet others in your class or grade, and make a difference in your school community! There are 2 kinds of events where PTA is involved

  • Sponsored

  • Organized

Here is a Full List of events that PTA organized for 2020-21

Events sponsored by PTA

  • Classroom supplies: PTA sponsors all the supplies teachers and staff need throughout the year

  • Mattos Enrichment program STEM and ART: We've allocated funds that can be spent specifically on STEM and ART supplies, so that teachers can incorporate these into their curriculum

  • 2020-21: Around the world program for kids

  • Mattos Masks

  • Phoenix bazar: Fun way for students to spend points they earn at school and bring home some well earned goodies.

  • 2019-20 After school Art Program led by Ms.Hsieh

Events organized and sponsored by PTA

These are events which are planned, collaborated and executed by PTA members and our dedicated volunteers. The goal is to organize multiple such events through out the year and bring together our students and families.

School Year 2020 - 2021

Puppet Party.pdf

May 2021

Puppet Party

Mattos Tshirts

Every Kid received a Free T-Shirt and Year book as a end of year appreciation token.

PTA Kahoot Game Night Invitation.png

March 2021

PTA Game Night

Movie Night APR 2021_Over_The_Moon.pdf

April 2021

Over the Moon, Movie Night !

Our Heroes.pdf

March 2021

Presenting Our Heroes. Join us for a talk with our Community Heroes...our very own Milpitas Police Department

Dancing with the Stars.pdf

Feb 2021

Presenting Dancing with the stars. Lets learn about our cosmos, Astronomy, our plantes, the moon and the stars

Blossoms Budding Bookworms.pdf

Nov 2020

Inviting all Budding Bookworms to join us for fun filled night for our second Blossoms event.

Friday November 20th at 5pm (Zoom link: Room opens 4.50 pm) .

Come meet a Real Author and Illustrator to find out the secrets behind Book Cretion.

5 Bonus Phoenix point when you participate in Book creation activity and submit your entries via Flip Grid.

Blossoms Wondrous Wildlife Flyer.pdf

Oct 2020

We are thrilled to announce that our very first theme for Blossoms is Wondrous WildLife!

To help students broaden their knowledge in this field, we have proudly partnered with the San Diego Zoo

Together we bring you a Live Virtual Inside Story Tour exclusively for Mattos Community!

Mattos Masks October 2020

PTA designed our very own Mattos Mask with a phoenix logo.

It had adjusters on the ear loop and a lanyard to prevent it from falling. All designed to make it kid friendly.

We hope your kids loved their Free Mattos Mask! It was so exciting to see so many kids wearing them on the Picture Day.

School of Excellence October 2020

Thank you for your participation in our School of Excellence Survey! We are working hard to achieve this certification for our School and your opinion matters. If you would like more information about the program and what it means to be certified, click here

School Year 2019 - 2020

Arts and Crafts Night - Feb 2020

Put on your creative hats for Mattos PTA is holding its first ever Arts and Crafts Night!

We would also really appreciate volunteer help for the event. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up here. Please note, you are required to have a valid TB test to volunteer. If you have one already, please drop it off at the office before signing up for volunteering at one of the stations. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Bring your art spirit, great mood and get ready for the activities for the whole family. Please RSVP on the form at the top and see you artists at the fair! :)


Phoenix Fun Run - December 2019

We would like to take that moment and give a big thanks again to all our school staff, teachers, parents, volunteers and sponsors who helped make this event so special! Big appreciation to our sponsors, who generously supported Mabel Mattos Elementary PTA and Phoenix Fun Run in particular. Their support not only helped cover the cost of the t-shirts for the Phoenix Fun Run but will also open new learning opportunities to our students in the form of different events and programs.

Our Sponsors

Abi Vahdatinia, Realtor from INTERO

John S Kim, Realtor from Capital J Homes, LLC

Growing Learning Center


Realtor Lavanya Duvvi from Intero



Villa Sport Athletic Club and Spa

KeyPoint Credit Union

Prestige A.D.H.C. Center


EZ Learning

Thalapakatti restaurant


20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley

Fei Teng After School and Fei Shifu Kungfu Academy

We appreciate their generosity and willingness to support our efforts!


Movie Night 2 - November 2019

Copy of the lion king.pdf

Teacher & Staff Appreciation - October 2019

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day 2019

Movie night 1 - September 2019

Pledge Drive - September 2019

Fundraising appeal letter

New Family Orientation Breakfast - August 2019

Orientation Breakfast for Incoming Families of 2019-2020

Field Day End of School - June 2019

PTA Field day 2019