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Oct Newsletter 2022-23

2022-23 2nd PTA Newsletter (OCT).pdf

PTA Events 2022-23



Pledge Drive

Phoenix Bazaar


National Principal's Month Celebrations

National Custodian Day Celebrations


Circus Show

Double Celebrations: Otter Pops Party

Membership and Pledge Drive Update

Thank you for your tremendous support during our pledge and membership drive.

We were able to meet 85% of our funding goal and 89% of our membership goal.

Thank you for the support in making this happen!!

Donate to PTA

At Mattos, our pledge drives work a little different from some of the other schools. Here instead of parents bringing in supplies year-round to the classrooms, we make it a little simple by taking care of that year-round. For this reason, we do one fundraising at the start of the school year.

To allow us to cover everything from school supplies to programs, events, field trips, and much more we recommend a donation of $150 per child for the school year.

PTA Programs

Blossoms Program

We launched Blossoms in 2020, an enrichment endeavor that aims to inculcate and cultivate varying skills in students by means of bi-monthly themes, with a vision to engage them in learning beyond school.

Just as blossoms on a tree denote their future fruition, our Blossoms Program symbolically represents our students with many hidden talents and skills, only awaiting their bloom!

Check out some of our past blossoms events

Thank you Ms. Leslie and Ms. Misun who have helped us co-ordinate and run this program.

Phoenix Bazaar

Phoenix Bazaar is a PTA sponsored program run in partnership with the School where kids are awarded points for all good actions they take throughout the year be it for helping another child, showing qualities like unity, courage, perseverance, respect, peacefulness, confidence, kindness, justice, generosity, thankfulness, determination to name a few.

They then exchange these points for gifts every month at the "Phoenix Bazaar"

PTA welcomes you to 2022-23 school year

Our PTA is made up of so many important pieces - parents, teachers, grandparents, guardians, school staff, and others in the community that want to improve the educational lives of our children.

The PTA provides a variety of activities, fundraisers, and services throughout the year. It is our hope that every family can participate, so we can better serve our children and their needs – which includes enhancing their school day and giving them memories they’ll always treasure.

We aim to be the bridge between parents, kids, and their teachers and school. If there is any area you feel PTA can help out please send us an email at We would love to hear back from parents and work with them for solutions, innovations, complaints, feedback, and ideas.

2022-23 is our 4th year at Mattos and the 1st year at full capactiy after the school construction completed early this year. We are just getting started. We look forward to all parents joining us and our kids in this journey !!


Already a Volunteer? Please do submit your hours. Submitting hours can help us track the work you do, ensure our hour logs are up to date, get company matches in some cases, and raise funds.

Thank you for a wonderful 2021-22

We, at the Mattos PTA Board, truly appreciate our volunteers from last year for all that they have done to support the PTA in its every effort to help our children bloom!

A recap of events for the year 2021-22

PTA Yearbook Pages.pdf

Mattos PTA recognized at MUSD for School of Excellence Achievement

Dr. Vo-Felbinger and Mr. Vaishnav at the Board meet

PTA Family

Board members from 2020-21 along with the families for the School of Excellence felicitation.

About Mattos Community Learning

Learn how Mattos community model, Educate everywhere program and amazing innovation and dedication from the school teachers and staff is helping students learn online and spark up their minds.

Members from Staff including Principal Dr. Vo-Felbinger, Ms. Marian, Ms. Sun, PTA President Ms. Tania, and Student Sanvi Shah helped present this to the MUSD board in their online meet on April 28th 2020.